Dag 283 reaction show points

Shall we be kind to each other!?

How I live tipical words regarding ‘shall we just be kind to each other’

As a child I only wanted others to be kind to each other. My past experience with just let’s be nice to each other remembers me with don’t slam with doors, don’t yel, don’t use hateful derogative words, don’t show disrespectful, derogatory attitude against each other etc.

So when people don’t be friendly at each other, sometimes I name my reaction ‘sorehead’ and other judgmental words, instead being friendly without participating in my judgmentel-illness. Some friendly wants shows up in my judgemental colored words and emotional and feeling, mind pictures.

So when one not disagree with my opinion Be friendly, this state of my mind implies in my expectation ‘don’t deviate from my expectation’. My different memory experience expectation creates inequality because through my colored awareness within my consciousness-system-existentie-automatical-robot-behave, which colors my interior reflections in exterior/people or tipical situation, according to mine color ab-use.

As a matter my colored facts, according with my full colored acceptance, from where my color resonances expectation shows up in others, shows up my phantoms, my own seized demons, accepted and allowed mental mind representations, dressed as my own, shy-ness, brave-ness, crude-ness, coarse-ness, agitated-ness, anxiety-ness, rigid-ness, colorset representations, existence within my Selfhonesty.

So what is this Self-honesty, first show up my way how I relate to my expectation Shall we be kind to each other, is my expectation, which my experience regarding to words, thoughts, emotions and feelings, deviating kindness.

will reveal aspects of yourself that you project onto others, but which exist in you as separate from you.

Then apply your self forgiveness – for example, if you set ‘they are not kind toe ach other”- then you look at where and how I myself still in others condemned that they differ from kindness. Then apply your self forgiveness. Until you are able to look at the differ without anything ‘moves’ in me – then there is no separation in me. So what you experience in relation to the differ late aspects seeing yourself that you have not yet dealt with – if you happen to have any reaction to something or someone = separation that exists in you and such reactions show points in you that you still have not watched carefully

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