Day 554 Wright your-selves on paper.


Investigate my mind. Which constitute my accepted and allowed mind reality. My mind characters and personalities.

My most famous assumptions which manifest personalities like: ‘the addict; procrastination, isolated fearing, Blamer and being shy and alert.

Because I was thinking ‘I am not good enough.’ and from out this negative thoughts energy ‘I am not good enough’ became my startingpoint in moments where the interpretation as the result of my assumption pops-up and directed me to improve myself and the world the positive opposite ‘I am worthy, good enough that someone unconditional will Support me.’ The positive – negative polarity was born.

The reason that I started writing and walking the I-proces was that I wrote about karma. This reminded me that I needed to become my own leadership instead of being a victim of the circumstances. Supported by the Desteni community and EQAFE materials. But first being selfresponsibel.

So I made the decision, after I met Sylvie one of the Destonians at Facebook, start investigate and deconstruct my mind acceptance and allowance which I allowed myself to act like. Sylvie became my buddy during the free Desteni I-proces-Lite online writing course. During the course I learned more about Self Forgiving.

My accepted mind reality Which I will deconstruct with self-forgiveness and then I commit myself to walk Living Words correction ‘What’s best for all life’.

Express yourself on paper!

Expressing yourself on paper has a double meaning. What lives in yourself! How you cause meaning to your experiences. The way in which your daily reminder supports you is hampered. But in any case treated as which you explain yourself.

From yourself. Express your daily experience on paper! The way you think, act and move. Attitude and behavior, the way you specifically move according to your views.

According to the language, the words of interpretation, that colors your often still unconscious automatic observation.

However, once you start clear and honest yourself with Self-reflection, you support yourself on the road to self-reliance. You take the responsibility be the owner of your choices.

Stand as the slave you are and have allowed yourself to become.

An observation takes place with a specific goal in mind.
An objective perception of behavior of events with a specific goal in mind.

This goal may have been unconsciously chosen. However, the choice for an act of conduct in the first place has determined contains certain information. Which on the road somehow you have slaved to be as acceptance and allowance.

Certain meanings “which I determined with a goal I have in mind”. Determined: Fixe, real, outlined, decided, firm, limited, positive, approached, assigned, determined, unconditional.

Sounding: determined – the terms of my mind.

From your own meaning: bringing to light what you have in mind. Stand as yourself, as the slave you are and have allowed yourself to become.

To become as you have allowed yourself and to be accepted as the meaning you assign to language and words.

(Word) Be someone you are happy about. Desteni helps and supports you to improve yourself to walk your utmost strenght in reality.

Day 555 Just read this without interpretation

Just read this without interpretation. Just look and read it. Words which I address at myself. Because I wrote a blog about sex addiction and I’m not sure to post it. It’s my fear. That I will receive critique. Please understand my lonelyness within this addiction. Instead of accepting the fear I create an excuse ‘please Jan you was addicted to sex and thats why you are feeling lonely’.

Please’ I realize see and understand that please is loaded with the energy of victimization. I guess, lol. Or perhaps it’s just indifference, apathy, unconcern, disinterest, nonchalance, insouciance. This words I used (sounds like abused) Stigmatized the people in my Intimate circle. The people whose comments following at my questions Became Predictably unpredictable for me.

The addiction of fear to receive criticism. In the same moment fears of receiving critique I was longing for connection and understanding. For unconditional Support and Involvement. Understanding. With an open view without giving me any advice. Only understand the why of my addictions. Twice I was in a clinic. For autobiography therapy and detox my body. In the first six weeks of my stay I worked in the fruit and vegetable gardens. A period in which I was observed and after six weeks was incorporated into a therapeutic community. I was getting biological medication for Psychotic symptoms and Bipolar epidodes.