Day 584 first see.

Before I did not understood the influence of my mind, the things I invited with my thoughts, the relics of the past, which I have accepted and allow to be, first I need and had to see.

So first I had to realize see and understand that It doesn’t mean I can force everything and anyone into a form that I like, but that I can realize and direct what is in harmony with me which is best for all life.

I realize see and understand that in my mind I tried to understand why I didn’t got the attention I wanted as a child. In my later life, I sometimes wanted to put things to my hand, according to my opinion. And forced people into a form I was longing for.

But now I realize what I wanted to achieve is to realize see and understand that I can nobody force to walk the way I feel like.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 569 Getting critique

Getting critique, wich means you felt you were doing it ‘right’ or correctly. But doing something right from a negative feeling, or a learned fear of rejection. From out a negative perspective.

Doing it right from out negative thoughts. I feel the negative and then start doing well. Sent by, from behind the scenes, background darkness which is manifested by the negative unrighteousness. Which accepted and allowed myself to believe.

Doing it right from out the manifested feeling bad startingpoint.

I realize see and understand that I am allergic to positivity because I have a strong accepted belief that at any moment positivity can turn into negativity.

The lights will Be obscured at any moment when evil pops I expect. Because my perception after experiencing is it will pops-up from behind a customer-friendly smile.

I also was witness from the fact that this evil was ‘directed’ by alcohol consumption. But what is the reason for this alcohol abuse? That should be the head most important question. I guess.

Don’t you think? mister D…The parenting support which mister D received He passed on. As the information of his mind. Directing myself as Living substance, as Selfhonest Beingness, that is what counts best.

When the critique which Mister D received from his parenting examples, then I understand what mister D’s innerlife mind experience was. Unfortunately mister D dies. That is what I missed most. A conversation of understanding eachother.

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