Day 570 I don’t matter.

I realize see and understand that I am using energy to defend and protect myself instead of standing as ‘who would I be? and not defending myself’. Good question!

To change something one had and I will first have to develop understanding ‘comprehension’; the ability to understand completely and be familiar with The influence of My perception when I observe a person or a specific situation.

With those facts, facing myself, with the knowledge that experience gives me, I have to Create awareness. It’s my responsibility be aware of the different aspects, from my manifested Inner mind experience, while I Get sensory stimulated, which determines my acceptances, which I told myself to be, as thoughts, emotions, feelings and the choices I made then. Which I assume and value as my consciousness and unconscious mind truth.

First I want to be aware of what I am doing and responding as my mind. I have to see, realize that I act as my accepted inner mind reactions. So to feel safe I Provoke people to gauge their reactions. I test people to see if they continue to support me Unconditionally because I unanimously Want to stand as human being, equally and one, as triple ‘A’, As And For All Life. FAAAL. For And As All Life. This Life is our equal and one Selfhonest Beingness.

I was talking with my buddy and after one of here supportive questions, What I respectfuland will respect, I told here ‘I don’t matter.’ Once you’ve listened to the tape, you’ll know that with these thoughts I’m Refers my mind acceptance because thinking comes from the conscious and unconsciousness, the mind. The mind aspects wich one allows to be as value system for example learned from the community within which one grew up or the family values or religious system with standard assumptions one has to follow for several reasons.

So as mind system I think ‘I don’t matter’ because of several assumptions which I have to face as my responsibility. This choice to stand and walk as my responsibility, I realize see and understand this choice I made, after my Buddy told me after our last chat, which also was our first chat. The Desteni Buddy Support which is a ‘equal two-way’ learning proces realizing that the power created by the energy generated from emotions, feelings and thoughts Directs our body, our Selfhonest Beingness.

Most people belief they only Are and exist as there thoughts, emotions and feelings. What you has to learn is understanding. Understand that you are this mind belief as acceptance and allowance, wich one can Stop and change with the Desteni tools and Buddy Support. Once you get there, you’re going to realize, see and understand, as the message from your Selfhonest Beingness, that you’re more than just your thoughts, emotions and feelings, which most of the time manifest your assumptions, characters and beliefs. You can change your direction to be the Directed principle as how you are meant to be be, equal and one with your Selfhonestly Beingness.

I commit myself: ‘I do matter’. Direct myself, Able to see what conscious basically is! Understanding the basics, what thoughts, emotions and feelings are. Those basic parts that constitutes your mind, within you body, your Selfhonest Beingness. Thus, the change and the directive principle that you can implement in realizing that you can change your experience when it comes to thinking and thoughts. The difference between thinking and looking.

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