Day 530 what is important?

Next questions pops-up into my mind awareness ‘what is important’? Context please see previous blog. ‘And am I important or perhaps why am I not important because of who I am, what I do and what role I play.’

Who’s is pulling the strings?

So In those moments I could not (as memory) and cannot (afraid of rejection from my needs) help myself and had/have no help from someone else. So first I have to accept that I have ‘the desire’ I will not reject my needs. It became manipulation. People did/do not treat me pleasantly.

To admit to yourself that there is a master you are serving.” It’s to bring the desires you’ve been holding on to, hiding and suppressing, ‘here’. Be real about the fact that, yes, as long as ‘who and how you are’ is influenced and directed by these desires, you are a slave to it. So, you must stand in that self-honesty. Stand as the slave that you are and have allowed yourself to become *Kim Amourette –

When I started rejecting my needs, not always was aware of where I was longing for. Where are you longing for when you never received it? How do you know?

Uit je zelf op papier!

Expres yourself on paper!

Write and Expres your self.

So after I started writing on paper what I experienced as my memories in my mind acceptance and allowance, this first step was that I made myself responsible what I owned as memory of the past.

We say Stop!

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