Day 595 safety rules first

I realize see and understand my desires would indicate self-judgments that hasn’t been faced, so – when I see that, for example – I desire/dream about other people should be disciplined, follow the rules of my mind, in the flatbuilding wherein I Live it would be not noisy, the people in the supermarket would respect the social distance Signed as Lines on the floor, social distance which the goverment ordered as safety rules. What I desire is that people just follow-up the Prescribed rules, because when those rules Being followed up then it’s safe for me.

So I desire for this visible safety, for example because I fear the invisible coronavirus. When people does not follow the rules then I get angry or disappointed by disbelief inside because I blame them ‘some people never follows the given rules.’ I Blame them sounds like I’m giving them critique because I want them too respect social distance. I realize see and understand that ‘some people never follows the given rules’ is including a mind construct.

In my mind I am also telling myself ‘you sounds like a moraalridder.’ I order ‘follow-up the rules and orders.’ What makes me feel angry is when People are so stupid that they don’t follow the government’s regulations on the coronavirus ‘keep social distance.’

In the lesson about fear I describe a situation where I experience fear beforehand. So the fear experience is not triggered in the situation but before I step into the situation, fear exist and steps with me as fear existance into the situation. I participate in the fear manifestation which I designed some where in my life as the belief system within my mind.

When I blame people, because of fear, when they not keep social distance, my desire is safety, because of fear I do not want/get the coronavirus. Practical support is stop my mind fear and blame And take care of me physical wellbeing.

Social safety rules in my understanding already existed before the virus popped up in our collective mind awareness. Being friendly and behave neatly/correct. As a child lurking around the corner there was always this correction being friendly speak with two words and eat your mouth empty before you speak instruction. The social behavior rules parents and grandparents told me checked by my parents and the teachers at school. Because those rules Rotated through my mind. The reason to suppress fear as pure fear ‘when I do not follow up socially accepted rules, which my teachers told and checked me to do’, then I will be punished.

When other people do not follow up the rules of my mind (desire) then I blame them, I feel angry or dissapointed and think they do not respect me and Don’t take my contribution seriously and then I experience the energy of aggression and revenge. In the lesson about the design of the fear character I describe that I fear situation or people wherein I think I can be corrected by others. I do not experience fear when I do not feel the energy of correction. In the supermarket in front of the cash register I blame people who are not keeping social distance because of the fear.

The last week I went to the supermarket in the morning. Today I Waited go later to check this social distances mind product. Stop my Participate in my mind longingness Prescribed by my keep social distance accepted and allowed myself to exist because the government Prescription.

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