Day 593 life in here

What is contributing to me so easily giving up and giving in to resistance to doing something, which leads to Procrastination?

This morning I woke up. My first thought was ‘I have no obligations the next three weeks’, because of the coronavirus. How nice is that? After these thoughts I automatically breathe and experience calmness. The appointments within the next three weeks canceled are the dentist, a Job interview and my weekly work as volunteer. In a way my responsibility to act and direct are canceled. And it’s feel like a excuus. An excuus ‘so I do not have to direct myself’, feeling inferior to the external authority of the Dutch government take those precautions. I experience dualism between precautions which gives me the awareness people doing there best let me feel secure and extern authority Who determine and prescribes me what to do ‘compulsively.’

Coronavirus is taking me by the hand, in relation to the dentist I can walk away from fear, in relation to the volunteer work I can walk away from facing my relationship with my colleague and in relation to the job interview I can’t be rejected right now.

In general these Three points: ‘the dentist can’t cause me pain (harm), my colleague can not give me the not just right experience and feeling of incompleteness after the job interview I can’t be rejected’ show me that I walk away from the consequences which my mind dualism, my compulsiveness is telling me. But what someone is telling me is also a Call which wakes up my resistance. Some authorities rattling my legs and moving me forward.

Authority, harm avoidance, not just right experience the feeling of incompleteness, next four points to investigate.

Thanks for reading.

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