Day 585 procrastination

What is contributing to me so easily giving up and giving in to resistance to doing something, which leads to Procrastination?

What does it say about me and my life experience that I give up and give in to resistance so easily?

My life resistance gets manifested by my thoughts that I missed unconditional attention. Such as the cup of thee after school. So I was longing for positive feedback positive understanding for my feelings and needs and physical Affection Such as a hugg.

In moments Where I got a hugg from my aunt then my grandfather ruled my aunts affection behavior with criticism. He looked with a strange face and Experienced this behavior strange and deviant from his standard. During a next visit from my aunt in presence of my grandfather I already Did feel ashamed.

I realize see and understand that I wanted to avoid a hug out of shame because I wanted to avoid my grandfather’s reaction, because in his opion it was straings to hugg, kiss eachother and showing affection.

My life experience with giving a hugg and showing affection became resistance because of my assumption ‘when I hugg show my affection it’s strange that’s why I feel ashamed.’

So I missed this attention that’s why I was feeling frustrated and insecure because I was longing for positive feedback and positive understanding for my emotions and feelings after experiencing school Events and the need talk about those events Supplemented by understanding and physical Affection Such as a hugg from my parents or grandparents.



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