Day 556 Proposal.

Can’t let go That thought I’m being rejected. That idea pops up every time I expect when, in this example, M does not contact me With a proposal to meet each other.

Forgiving Self I give myself the idea that M is rejected me. I realize see and understand that I attract (attract, put on, draw, tighten, don, pull on) everything that I consciously or unconsciously focus my attention, energy and thoughts on in my life.

Why are there some things that I try to let go of but they just keep pulling me back in?

Why is it especially difficult to let go of relationships?

Why is it that, even after applying Self Forgiveness, writing and introspection, I can’t seem to let go of specific memories and the point that triggers the memories?

Proposal – the act of offering or suggesting something for acceptance, adoption, or performance. A proposal is a plan, a scheme, an offer to be accepted or rejected: Such as to make proposals for peace.

So I gave myself reason to think ‘I am expecting that M instead of I has to contact me.’ As child I was thinking older people has to have attention for me. They has to have unconditional concerns about me.

The meaning of proposal is that the oldies needed to listen and look at me. In my opinion they didn’t. So why do I have to concern about M?

Next blog: Selfforgiveness about what I gave as opinion to me. We will see what happens.

Can’t let go

Thanks for the read.

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