Dag 513 self perfection not a myth

So what are you dealing with?

You’re dealing with the Total-Message of Desteni. Which is the Message of Self-Perfection. And while you are moving through the ‘Dimension of Yourself’ – you are viewing the various-‘Forms’ you have placed yourself into as ‘Excuses’ why you ‘choose imperfection’ and do not want to take Self-Responsibility.

So what is the point of Self-Forgiveness: is to understand the Key – that Everyone that Do-not want to take Self-Responsibility will give-you the ‘Excuse’ that ‘they cannot forgive themselves’ but ‘only ‘God’ can forgive-them’.

So the very ‘Act’ of Self-Forgiveness place you Equal with ‘God’ Therefore the ‘Act’ of Self-Forgiveness is an ‘Act of Equality’ with ‘God’ – in All- Facets of ‘God’ because what ‘God’ is given the ‘authority’ to-Do is to ‘Forgive-you’; While in-Fact by Forgiving-Yourself you are Taking that ‘authority’ as Yourself.

Self-honesty is obviously: to observe ‘where’ you are not- Acting As-‘Perfection’, As- ‘That’ which will be the ‘Best for All’, which is: ‘Perfection’.

Within the context of this Reality ‘What’s Best for All’ is ‘Perfection’. So therefore that is your Self-Honesty.

And the CommonSense is: the ability to Consider – within the context of your limitation – the ‘Workings of the System’ in terms of identifying ‘What ‘works’ for Everyone’ and ‘What doesn’t ‘work’ for Everyone’; That in itself is an ‘Act of Perfection’ within the Context of the Design of the System; And that is the ‘first-point’ one must-Do: Stand Equal as the System – as the System within its Design is ‘perfect’ – and follow the ‘Rules of the Design’; The very moment you-Allow those ‘Rules’ become ‘fickle’ = you become ‘less than’ the System and then you are immediately ‘Imperfect’ within the context of your environment;

Your Environment then determines, in a way ‘Who You Are’ – whether you are ‘Self-Perfected’ within it, or whether you’re Not.

Then therefore you’ll go through ‘Manifestations’ of the ‘Personified Self’ which is a Projection of your ‘Idea in this Reality’ Based on the ‘Feedback’ that you are getting, which is happening at the ‘Level’ of your ‘Symbolic Self’ because you’re existing within this Reality in ‘Real Time’, ‘Quantum Time’, As the ‘Symbolic Self’ that is the ‘Resonant Self’; And you’re existing within what you would call your ‘Conscious Self’ is your Projection of the ‘Excuses’ of ‘Why you are the way you are’ and ‘Why you can do nothing about it’.

That Moves in ‘extreme slow Time’ and is utilizing a peculiar way of existence; where the resonance will send a Thought into your`Conscious Awareness’ and you’ll either ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ the Thought and accordingly: you’ll Define Yourself. Without Realizing – if you really slow it down that You never actually even had the Thought; that the result of the Thought is the ‘Impulsed Symbolic Structured Design’ within which you Exist in this Reality, which you have been ‘Taught’ by ‘Those that came before you as the ‘Methodology to Survive’ within this reality; and that ‘that Survival Impulse’ is the ‘Primary Driving Force’ within your Existence and that is based on for instance relationships and the bringing-forth of ‘new members’ of the Human Race within which you can ‘Clone Your Self’ – which is what a parent do with a Child.

The Child is just a ‘Clone of the Parent, simplistically the parent will ‘Impose’ on the Child ‘more’ then they Did themselves – therefore the Parent will ‘Expect’ from the Child a sense of ‘Perfection’ and thus ‘use’ all the ‘mistakes‘ they made in their Own life, in Showing the Child ‘ what mistakes they should prevent’ – which is purely an Act of ‘Self-Perfection’.

The problem is, because it’s not understood exactly ‘How’ it Operates – the ‘Opposite’ happens: a ‘Polarity’ is created; because the Parent is ‘Expecting’ ‘Perfection’, without ‘Explaining’ HOW ‘Perfection’ Actually Operates.

Now within the Structural Resonance Alignment, we’re going to ‘Explain’ the very-Nature of ‘Perfection’ which is ‘Programming’; Within a ‘Program’ you can design the ‘Structured Specifity’ of the Outcome – which is an ‘Act of God’ – to ‘Program Reality’ to a particular ‘Standard’ of ‘Existence’ or ‘Form’.

All ‘Form’ is a ‘Program’ and currently, the Human is ‘less than’ the ‘Form’ that Exist, because it Refuse to take the Responsibility for the Design that is Here; and has ‘created’ an ‘Energetic Reflection’ of it – which is a ‘Mirror-Effect’ of-it; That means: it (the Human) has taken the ‘Energy’ that comes from the ‘Form’ as if ‘That’ is ‘Reality’ while ‘that’ in Fact is Only the way one ‘Con- Yourself’ Not to be Conscious of the Conscience you require, to be able to handle with the Consequence of what you Allow, if you Do not Consider the ‘Nature of Form’ within the Context of your Existence Here.

The ‘Existence on Earth’ is simply an ‘Interaction between Forms’. In that ‘Interaction’ exist ‘Relationships’; The Definition of these ‘Relationships’ Determine the Outcome of the Relationship.

In Accepting the Definition of the ‘Relationships’ and the ‘Systems’ as they exist now – One is automatically Responsible – because You Determine the ‘Nature of the Relationship’; Therefore this ‘Reality of Form’ is a ‘Reality of Relationships’ and this ‘Relationships’ Determines Everything that happens in this World. And – Who’s ‘God’ within this? It is the Human. And the Human is not Accepting the ‘Principle’ that one Can ‘ Perfect-Yourself’ within the Participation, Design and Definition of Relationships’. And ‘That’ is what you’re really busy with: ‘Self- Perfection’.

That is the ‘Point’ Desteni is busy with. That is what is busy happening in ‘Heaven’ – ‘Self- Perfection’. You’re either going to Take that Responsibility of ‘Perfecting – Yourself’, through Self-Honesty, Self- Responsibility, Self- Forgiveness and CommonSense – which are All ‘Acts of God’, ‘Acts of Perfections’; Or you’re gonna have an ‘Excuse’, and be a whiner, and ‘feel Sad’, and ‘feel emotional’ and ‘Feel like Everything is against you’ while it’s ONLY You that’s Against You.

Because you are not willing to Take that Act of Self Responsibility; You’re not Willing to ‘Walk the Time and Space’ for it to Form into the InFormation that Reflects in All Ways ‘As Above So Below’ – Your ‘Perfection’ within and without – How you Live, Breath by Breath.

Got it!