Dag 489 Now I Support Myself Proces.

Now I Support Myself Proces, maybe you have noticed that I have changed my blog environment name from ‘Fear into Live Journey’ into ‘Now I Support Myself Proces’.

In my previous blog I was Questioning myzelf ‘how to interpret responses from people I meet in my environment. I realize, see and understand ‘Those Responses, in the first place, are responses which I Meet in Me’.

Projections as me in Myself. Mirrored through others or Circumstances in my world.

In Real understanding: ‘this is a ‘meet and greet’ with MY Inner conversation. My inner dialogue interpretations. Thoughts based on experience. Stored memory. Positive or negative charged energetics. Mostly Words Which I allowed Myself to Be. Reflecting My Accepted Mind Information Matters. Nothing else.

Seeing this Inner Knowledge Matters, will make the Difference. The First step after You Accept and Allowed yourself that You Are the One which create those Matters. As the Decisions you made in the Past.

So, the Matters which arises Asking for the need of Attention. So, Every time I ask Myself ‘What Now’, then I Have To Breath, and Stop Myself before I turn into Emotionalities (Always provided with negative charged energy) Fear or Anger or Longins and Expectations (mostly provided with positive charged energy). In both Matters the Mind is craving for something. When Popping Up, you will Allow the Mind to be, or Take a Breath and Stop. The Decission is Yours.

My Mind Mirrors Me ‘copy-paste’ Representations.

Look @ : https://desteni.org/ and http://lite.desteniiprocess.com/

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