Dag 404 Living word – Strange

When I think about the meaning of the word Strange: out of range – aria of variation, the dimension and influence within my mind = remembers me that strange is bad, not cooperative in accordance with established standards which I am deviate from as a gueer or narcissist and not curiously or interrogatively = a stranger who is not involved in the welfare of others = someone using his identity as a norm = which used as better, more important and positive = in contrast to others who are thus less important and negative.
This deviant behavior manifests the other in his presence which is visible as his beliefs in relation to others. WHen one is thinking – my clothes are nicer, my garden is better cared. my car shines slightly more. The stuff in my house is better quality than those of the neighbors. My children speak with two words, they are friendly because they do not ask a lot. Because we told them to do and think our way.
Read my blogs for context day 402 and day 403.
Strange- unusual or surprising in a way that is unsettling or hard to understand. I realize, see and understand when somebody telling me ‘you are a strange man’ experience the energy of indignation, I Stop I breath.
Strange person: stranger danger – unusual or surprising, unsettle – cause to feel anxious or uneasy; disturb – not in contact with a sense of mind security and mind predictability.
Strange- silly – idiot – clown – not serieus – in the beginning it was child jolly/frolicsome.
I realize and see after V was critical and unpredictable – not able to be predicted – I was thinking V is not predictabel So, because I had decided, accept and allowed myself V’s behave is nof safe and secure I have to impress him with my jolly behave. So I start thinking when wil V change his behave into friendliness and happiness. lol.
The blame game and make others reponsible for the thoughts wich I create is the stratingpoint to change within me.

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