Dag 384 Wishful thinking

One does not trust the cheereful character. This type a person always smile’s and always from the outside seems as an optimistic type a person.

When I see, outside me, this smilie type, creates and manifest my resistence and doubt against this smiler one’s. I realize and understand there behave is representing my relationship. The specific one I have build out, exist as popup in my mind, as the relationship with the information into me is remembering my experience whit and when I was seeing the smile one’s around me.

Such as the smiling therapist, the drunk one’s, the female teacher and other positive talkers which support there words with smile’s. The doubt resistance I accept and allowed myself and became, because they also show’s there bad and dark site’s when nobody else is/was around. I noticed those switch changes.

Because when I saw the bad’s, I was seeking for peace and harmonie. When I felt the positive peace and harmonie into me, I realize and see, I also was expecting the change into negative dark behave. The unkind barking and yelling. Agressiveness charged energy which I suppressed, became a pattern which I was trying to avoid. I did not liked the conflict things. Because It was the energy I was expecting, the existence as energy still exist.

Therefore when people manifest friendlyness and looks cheerful, feel fair and I am alert. Because my expectation is telling me to be. This polarity swing tells me ‘Jan act careful. I realise and see my mind is filt withh anger and expectation because what is within my mind, soon show up. So, I start thinking a new pattern – ‘by exchanging the negative thinking onto positive thinking, the negative disappears’?

I was thinking If the dentist does not replace the existing old filling in my tooth, with an (negative) ignition thereunder, what will happen afterwards when the dentist posted a new (positive) filling on top?

I realize and see by replacing the old (negative thinking) with something new (positive thinking) both still manifest there specific longings and expectations. Both still generate there energy.

So Jan avoid the dentist drill, and do not allowing the dentist he has to replace the old filling, meaning, a short time later, the thereunder ignition pounds on the door. Lol.

So when the cheerful type a person always smile’s, from the outside seems peaceful and optimistic suppressing his negative side, what will happen?

See more, see yourself and investigate your practical skills welcom back journey into physical reality.



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