Dag 383 nude solution

In this blog I am accepting problems as breath moment, redefine and focus on solutions; without (nude) the energy of my aware resistance. If and When I see, understand and accept resistance, I stop I breath. I realize see and understand when I realize the energy of resistance I stop and Breath and after this awareness use and redefine my relationship with the resistance energy into proper and decant solutions.

During the chat with my Buddy I spoke the word darling to Here. I Realized, sa wand understood my presence is not a proper way to act within the relationship I have with Here. So after I realized my behvave I told here my aware spoken word darling was not proper because I realized this is not part of here buddy support, not part of our buddy relationship. That’s why I excused myself. But why did I used the word darling? Is this realy a big issue? Because I respect here as my Buddy and the support she is giving I was thinking after I wrote down the word darling during our chat, before I wrote this specific word I felt resistance. I realize, see and understand I am longing to avoid my resistance and participate into this resistance.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself that I try to avoid my resistance because I write the word darling.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself that I step into resistance and accept resistance because I wrote the word darling.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself that I try to avoid my resistance. If and When I try to avoid my resistance, because my buddy gave me feedback, I felt resistance, I stop and Breath. I realize, see and understand I use the word darling because within this resistance I also Participate in cheerfulness to give a positive turn to the conversation and avoid the negative resistance. So I realize, see and understand I avoid negative resistance, also participate into my relation with being cheerful. When I manifest this Character I seek and longing for positive energy.

Meaning: cheerful – noticeably happy and optimistic and one step into the energy of a cheerful positive mood.

If I avoid negative resistance and using the energy of the cheerful character, I stop and Breath. I realize see and understand I am seeking and longing for positive energy because I do not effective focus at my Breath, and do not Breath, do not support myself.

I commit myself that I Breath myself through my mind resistance, after I get feedback.

I commit myself I support myself effective when I am aware of my resistance do not play the cheerful character over and over again, no longer pleasing and satisfying the energy within my cheerful character, which is longing for positive attention, Stop and Breath my polarity resistance existence within Jan. Because when I feel the negative resistance, I try to turn around the negative into positive, playing and acting the cheerful Jan, because I realize, see and understand, when I use the word darling as positive loaded expectation, this word pops up after I feel the negative resistance into me.

So the first commitment is Breath true this resistance and walk some adult nude solutions without resistance.

Solutions I commit myself within the agreement with my buddy are: using mature respectful words and behave myself decent and respect here support, look at my resistance, when I realize resistance, Stop and Breath, I also Stop my teasing and pleasing, positive charged cheerful clownish silly behave, no longer feed my cheerful mood expectation.

Some word’s for my Buddy: she is supporting me decant and proper.

Thank you.


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