Dag 363 reading my backchats

I see, realize and understand I am longing for easeness without my expectations.

I am expecting criticism and unwilligness from people which are not prepared listen to my contribution. I am expecting they will not have attention. I expect this already before I communicate. I am thinking they wil not pay attention to my contribution. That is why I am thinking when I say something, my contribution will be doubted by their reaction. Then I think they are not interested in me as a person. They do not take me serious. Instead it would be appreciate I had received some learning feedback skills from them.

Thats why I was thinking they failed to appreciate the pressure I was under. After some years I began and start suppress my words. My words turned into mind thoughts and backchats. This/my words change into mind thoughts was directed by myself. I am still responsible for this/my switch -my words into mind thinking. I realize and understand I made this choice because I saw no other alternatives. Not because I was not benevolent, good-natured, friendly or kind for consultation and dialogue. The cause lay in my lack of constructive learning, realize, see and understanding skills.

Thus, the cause of my failure when I was a child was the unfamiliarity with those skills. Redefine, define again into Living words apply self directiveness skills which are effective and supportive. Thus, when I think people criticize me, at that moment in this time I think back to the point in the past wherein my word changed into a thought. Thus, an event in here, in this moment when you think back(chat) goes back to the meaning/memory wherein I changed my living word into my mind thoughts, because I interpreted my experience with G & D (see more have read back my previous blog) as criticism. I can not remember G & D ever told me I had to interpret their behavior and response as critical ore unwilligness. They communicate what they knew. So what I receive is my longing for attention. Thus, in a way, my way and what I communicate are my past settings and interpretations – which I blame or expect – from and on to people or my enviroment.

I had to interpret their behavior and response as critical because the only thing I was longing fore from G & D was they has to be proud at my contribution. My existance as the mind already was longing for attention and proudness. My Living words no longer exist. I already blaming G & D for not giving me their proudness. My proudness was seperate from G & D because I never told them to be proud at my contribution. So I start with my character behave being easy going, friendly and understanding. Only for one purpose – people would be proud at me because I gave them my friendly and understanding attention. So when they did not I was feeling my resistance because my longing for attention was telling me because of my words switch into mind thouhgts which I already made. It was my own choice and inner voice telling – they have critic that’s why they are unwilligness.

So I start manipulate there unwilligness into willingness bahave as a being was friendly and understanding. Laughing, relaxed and making jokes. So when I was in alignment I was attracting the people I was attracted to in the same way my mind was telling me. Such as a magnet to be equal attracts his equal magnet. So my friendly Character start acting and attracting the friendlyness and willingness into others.

When they start argue this felt like a modification of my idea what I was labeling as bother, twaddle and grizzle. After I noticed this behavior (into me) I start ignore them. I focused my research at the point – how long will you stay loyal to me, and when do you stop support me and my longing for unconditional attention. So when they stop with giving me unconditional support this was my sign into my startingpoint and decission to push him away from me. The same experience I Always and already was expecting from G & D. The recognisation from my mind thoughts onto the other I allowed and accepted myself bonding with my behave and close my window curtain invisible to the outside world.

Thus my unfullfiled longing and desire for unconditional attention from others was my decission after I interpreted the behave of G & D. I was thinking they critize me and therefore G & D are pushing me away. I realize, see and understand my decission was telling me to do so and so,

thank you…


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