Dag 326 When I expected cynicism so I see cynicism

My judgment and understanding if/then what I’m expecting will happen. During an conversation in myself I have noticed I want to be friendly and kind towards the other person. So I’m giving friendliness towards and I did not know I’m expecting this because after my suggestion the athor person is reacting/respond with a question mark behind her chat reply. After I became aware of my reaction I suppose I want to be kind to you and you respond with a question mark, asked myself ‘why’? Why do you react unfriendly? lol

Because fear is not longer an option in my Life I I will examine my reaction. i noticed my awareness after I respond with my remark that I experienced my answer/reaction as mind cynical. I realized when doing my kindness contribution I’m automatically expecting cynicism respondings. So I still obey my cynicism expectation because I’m expecting/watching/looking/yearn for the familiar cynicism that exists in me as me. 

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that ‘if’ – I am a doctor, or a dentist or a believer as a Christian, or an Atheist or a Muslim or an alcoholic or a kind person that this is not ‘who I am’ but when, ‘then’ I realize and understand, this is the acting kind type a person because I believe then I will and want to escape the cynicism which I’m expecting.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself when I was dependent on the expertise of staff of the addictionhealthcare what they told me to believe ‘once addicted always addicted’.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself if I drink one beer I can’t stop, then I need more drinks which corresponds with my daily past doses/quantum beers.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself my thoughts if I take the first pint then the rest of my daily doses will follow because the addiction workers told me and because I had confidence in their expertise I was anxious after one use the same quantum again.

I realize that I had invented a mantra in response to their message ‘I will not drink the first beer again’. But after these mantra appointment backchat converstaion I did not stop and still I drank my first daily beer and the rest off the dose follows. The day after I felt disappointed, unreliable, I had failed and was angry and cynical with myself. And after this thoughts I dared not go to the grocery store buy my daily doses when I was sober. I got these shame and guilt experiences in me as me and start Following this/my shame and guilt blame game roadtrip. I decided to go back to another addiction care clinic. I worked for six weeks in the vegetable garden and had conversations with counselors and other residents. The vegetables were cooked in the kitchen and eaten in a communal area. But the mentalfood experiences as backchats still crossed my mind. Whenever I saw green cans of beer I still was reminded of the appointment I made with myself that I should not drink the/my first beer. And then when I drank I failed I was cynical because I did something wrong. If someone responds cynically, then I respond to the cynicism in me. The cynicism in me was born. As a child I was, got unsure when I saw behavior of others after I made my contribution ore asked my question. First I recognized this behavior as not as myself. I had no words for what I was experiencing this behavior as deviant in me. What I observed was specific change in posture and facial expressions, the pitch and intonation of the voice and that people were going to deny this in front of other people. Because they were not unfriendly but friendly cozy rather than escapism or instead friendly telling yelling eachother. I noticed that if there were others around present energy was friendly and once they disappeared the atmosphere was threatening, impendent, sick, rude and raw, villainously, meanly and irreverent. This permanent atmosphere prevailed in our home. These unsafe energy I have picked up as energy. At this energy I gave words with my/a limited vocabulary. Threat felt unsafe. The behavior towards the outside in front of others was friendly and charming, embellished with beautiful clothes and good manners. The nice things and manners the expected us to behave, act or conduct oneself in a specified way, especially toward others. As conduct oneself in accordance with the accepted friendly norms of the society within the group where I acted within the friendly guy and inside felt anger and sadness. Sadness while thinking why not acting peaceful and friendl towards Life and eachother? So tell me please.


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