Dag 285 As-sign-mind-ment-in-my-being

As a sign print in my mind-behave-being.

So, please watch previous: reaction-show-points, thanks!!!

Criti-signs shows the little kid the mean meanings of olders identification with there mind thoughts. In a way such exist ass there values.Within the child till then don’t exist these unknown parenting-value.

Children are soft, kind and after all Selfhonest. Within this Selfhonest Selfexpression they allow the parenting value-behave-system. Till then, unknown exist as when I do this you will do the same.

Within the Selfhonest-Selfdirective-Selfexpression of the individual child, they allow hardliners examples such as be friendly to others, even when we showing you our inner mind behave existence being onfriendly at each other, in moments when dad and mum slam doors and criti-sign each other, showing the kiddy’s there unfriendly communication in front of the childs presence.

Oke, this existens and allowens example accepted within the child, shows up later on in there live’s as mind-pop-ups parents presence blame game while practicing there mind communicate slaming-door talks, with there partner.

Practical Corrective Application

When and as I see myself at the moment I think people are unkind to each other as they slam doors, I stop, I breathe.

I realize that when I condemn the behavior of people slamming doors/ In this moment I criticize, don’t see and understand its/one’s ability seeing the bleuprint of his and my particulair criticize character that in the same moment blame one’s possibility as the oppurtunity potentiality breath trough this mind construct slame door behave.

And thus, I commit myself to forgive my blame and comment against the criticism becauce one is unfriendly, unkind, not seeing and understand this is my interpretation of the situation create inequality instead friendly and kind behave.

So, i forgive myself allow and accept myself my justification blame the slame door behave, not realize my inequality criticism, against the possibility, wich is the release of self from those thoughts, patterns, personalities, and behavioral-mannerisms.

I commit myself see and understand that in that release taking self-respons-ibility, I’m let go this critisism character, taken my place within myself, and stand to be the directive principle of what I have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from.

Learn and re-educate and change your’e desteni


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